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Digital Marketing experts from Orbio World share their expertise with you!

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What is Orbio Academy?

Orbio Academy is a free, comprehensive introduction to Digital Marketing by experts of the field at Orbio World.

This is a unique project the Orbio World team has created to share their know-how with people wanting to get into the Digital Marketing field.

After a successful run in 2021, we are offering the Academy for free, in-person, and better than ever before.

Orbio Academy is the right fit for you, if:

You’re interested in Digital Marketing
You’re looking for a career change
You’re excited to learn from the best in their class
Intro to Digital Marketing
Personas Workshop
Content is the king
ChatGPT & Midjourney implementation
Legal Aspects of Online Marketing
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Email Marketing
Convert Visitors to Customers

What you will learn?

Simply put - everything you need to know to get started in Digital Marketing. And you’ll be taught by experts with years of experience who leverage 6-figure marketing campaigns for note-worthy gains.

This series of lectures will cover the basics of Digital Marketing and the most up-to-date trends in the field, analyze and solve real-world case studies, and answer your most burning questions.

You will get acquainted with the principles, techniques, and methods of the craft and gain knowledge of digital advertising channels and strategies, which will benefit your business and personal endeavours.

By the end of Orbio Academy, you will be ready to enter the Digital Marketing job market - and some of you will be offered an internship or a permanent position with Orbio World.


Orbio Academy Program

The deadline has now passed - thanks to everyone who sent in their applications!

November 06:
Intro to Digital Marketing
Personas Workshop: Discover 'The User'

November 07:
Content is king

November 09:
From Clicks to Compliance: Legal Aspects of Online Marketing

November 13:
ChatGPT, write a title for a presentation: AI tools for the workplace

November 14:
How to win with Facebook Ads

November 16:
Why Orbio world are going crazy over Google Ads

November 20:
Who run the world? Marketplaces

November 21:
Retention 101: How to use email marketing to convert and retain contacts?

November 23:
From Browsing to Buying: Mastering the E-commerce Conversion Funnel

November 27:
Final project


The lectures will run 17:30-19:30


Orbio Academy will take place at BLC
business center K. Donelaičio 60, Kaunas